Episode 43: Shameless and the comforts of chaos

This week the Queens discuss Shameless, a weirdly soothing and interesting comedy-drama which offers a realistic portrayal of poverty and family dysfunction.

It made its Netflix debut last month.

How does it avoid a soap opera feel? What about the setting and neighbourhood? How does it ring true in its examination of poverty? What about its roots as a British series adapted for American TV? How does William H. Macy present his character? What about the depiction of addiction? Does the show lack enough sympathetic female characters?

Plus Fun Facts (guess whose home they use for the set and which actor is from Nanaimo), the Lightning Round (with high lasagna scores), what the Queens are watching (Cats From Hell), and what’s coming up.

Cayley Dobie, Cornelia Naylor and Jennifer Moreau host.

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