BIV 64: Higher taxes are coming to B.C

Dealmaking in the next legislature will include tax increases, especially for the wealthy

Higher taxes are inevitable after B.C.'s surprising election outcome and unsettled political future.

In the news:

The B.C. election’s final result remains in limbo pending recounts and absentee ballot counting. Will this provide uncertainty for potential investors? Will they hold off with new investments in the province, especially in resource and energy projects?

The Greens holding the balance of power in a minority government could kill further LNG projects, which the party opposes. How will the provincial government handle the softwood lumber dispute with the U.S.?

Meanwhile, Vancouver-based Leavetown has acquired two other digital travel companies. And new real estate data for April shows sales were down dramatically year over year in Vancouver. Inventory has also hit a 20-year low.

Feature interview:

UBC economist Kevin Milligan from Vancouver’s School of Economics talks about the future of tax and tax policy in British Columbia.

Hayley Woodin and Kirk LaPointe host.

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