BIV 57: Words matter on websites

News stories this week:

The Toronto Stock Exchange is home this week to the world’s first marijuana-focused, exchange-traded fund. But much remains to be worked out in the industry as it prepares for legalization.

Lululemon shares tanked last week. The company blamed the lack of sufficient colours in its offerings.

Did Kit and Ace try to pull off an April Fools prank on the media? If so, Tyler wasn’t fooled.

Canada cautiously explores what trading with the U.K. will be like as it prepares for its Brexit journey. That journey continues to look complicated and perilous.

Former immigration minister John McCallum, now Canada’s enjoy in China, says Canada is prepared to court China aggressively, which raises questions about the prime minister’s political dilemma balancing economic opportunity versus Canadian values on human rights.

Feature interview: Carl Schmidt, chief technology officer for Unbounce

Using data science to examine the emotions people have when they look at words on websites. What words work and what don't when it comes to retaining visitors to your site.

Tyler Orton and Hayley Woodin host.

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