BIV 56: Unpacking the federal 'vanilla' budget of 2017

How it affects housing and transportation

News stories:

Hootsuite moves to pick up its third acquisition in six weeks by seeking to buy a Snapchat social analytics tool from the Los Angeles-based company Narrative.

The recent federal budget would apply GST/HST to ridesharing companies. Uber Canada is protesting the move.

Pepsi, WalMart, Starbucks and some of the world’s biggest brands are boycotting YouTube after discovering their ads are playing in front of offensive content, including racist videos.

Feature interviews: the 2017 federal budget.

Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist, CIBC World Markets;
Tsur Somerville, senior fellow at the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate.

Hayley Woodin and  Tyler Orton host.

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