Podcasting Studio

About Us

No matter how much technology changes, we humans still love the spoken word. For thousands of years, we told stories around campfires and in lodges, taverns and courts. In the last century, we learned to electronically send our voices all over the planet. In the past 10 years, we moved our voices to the Internet through podcasting, the most democratic form of broadcasting ever created.

Podcasting is all about the spoken word, whether it involves monologues, rants, interviews or conversations. It’s also about informing, education and entertaining listeners, a job journalists have performed for several centuries. So it was a natural evolution that prompted our corporate parent Glacier Media to start the Press Play Network podcast project in the fall of 2015. It’s a rising platform, and we need to be part of it.

We’re starting small and economically and building up as it makes sense. Yes, these are lean times for the news industry, but we also want to find a model that works for many people, journalists and regular people alike in all kinds of communities and every size of newspaper or online news outlet, without breaking the bank. From here, we will grow.

We’re based in Vancouver, British Columbia in the wonderfully creative and diverse Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. There are art studios across the alley, a housing project down the street and small manufacturers, fashion houses and movie industry services all over. There are 19th century houses tucked along the street down the block, while social media giant Hootsuite is headquartered minutes away. A craft brewery is next door, and three others are within an easy walk. We can’t think of a better place to create the spoken word.

We want you to listen and participate. We’re open to ideas for shows, segments and ideas and any and all feedback.

As for me

I’ve been a journalist for more than two decades in B.C. and Alberta working in a variety of communities, but mostly in the Lower Mainland. For the past decade I was at the Vancouver Courier, most recently as its editor before stepping down to pursue this podcast project. Years ago I was involved in campus and community radio as well as early stints on commercial radio. I’m a bit of a geek (I have a whole show dedicated to that topic), so I’m fascinated by how technology has levelled the playing field for small, independent podcasters and musicians.

I’m on Twitter at @blinkwriter and can be reached at blink@glaciermedia.ca.